7 Reasons Why You Should Opt for Corporate Housing

jennykottel corporate housing

You can really spend a great deal of money especially for your lodging on your business trips. Extended business trips that may take a couple of weeks or more or even months are even more expensive. When it comes to your lodging and food, you will have to spend a lot especially when you choose to stay at a hotel. However, staying at a hotel is not your only option since now you can actually save more money when you choose the Los Angeles Corporate Housing. Below are some of the reasons why choosing corporate housing over a hotel is a good idea:

It is easier on the pocket.
When you stay at a hotel for a longer period of time, your hotel bills add up so fast. However, when you prefer corporate housing you will definitely find it more affordable as it is not as expensive as staying at a hotel. Corporate housing is actually designed to be less expensive than hotels so even if you stay for one long month, you can still afford to pay it.

It is located nearby.
Corporate housing is actually a great advantage to those who stay in places where there are only a few hotels and it might make them spend more money on gas to go to work. Thus, since now you can find corporate housing in almost any area, it is not surprising that most likely you can find one or more corporate housing facilities near your workplace.

It has housekeeping services.
Staying at a hotel is made more convenient because of its housekeeping and room services. That’s why many people choose to stay at a hotel mainly for this reason. What’s good about corporate housing is that it can also provide the same services. Such services include cleaning the bathrooms, changing the bed covers and sheets and cleaning the rooms.

It has washing machines and dryers.
There is no need for you to leave the house to do the laundry since you can use the washing and drying machines right in your apartment or house. It is cheaper this way compared with the laundry services offered at the hotels or dry cleaners.

It provides a full kitchen.
When you eat out you will definitely spend a lot, but if you want to eat healthier and more affordable menus, corporate housing will make a great choice for you since there is already a full kitchen available. You can prepare and cook your own food with the use of the oven, microwave and fridge.

It provides a bigger space.
Furnished condos and apartments usually offer a larger space than what a hotel suite or deluxe room can offer. You tend to feel homesick while you are away from home for months or even just for several weeks. However, if you have a bigger space you will feel more at home.

It provides better furniture.
Corporate housing is fully furnished with better furniture. With better furniture, you can relax more and focus more on your work. You will have a desk for work, a dining table and a comfortable couch and bed.

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