Choosing which Broadband

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Today in the UK there are many different internet providers to choose from and each of them has different packages to offer you. This means that you will have to decide which the best is for you and that will entail knowing 2 basic things. First what type of speed do you want and how much are you prepared to spend. The speed you will want is obviously fast but how fast may be the problem as the speed you need may not be the same as the speed you ask for in order to receive your chosen speed at your desk top PC or other device. The speed you ask for will be the speed which is provided to the house but if you have several apps in the house using the same internet, then each of them will slow down the speed for the rest which means you will need to ask to be provided with a faster speed than you think you may need on your device. For example, Netflix recommend a speed of at least 5 MBPS in order for it to work at its best but if you have 2 or 3 Laptops in the house, all of which are being used to watch Netflix at the same time, you will need considerably more than just 5 MBPS to your house.

The next thing will be as to where you live as if you are out in the countryside, there may only be an internet service which offers limited speeds. Finally the cost is always something to be considered as different providers have their own different costs and some may charge a connection fee whilst others don’t. Likewise some providers may require that you rent their modem whilst others provide theirs for free. To assist you in deciding, websites like Broadband Compare UK 2017are available online to look at. With this particular site all you need do is enter your post code and it will let you know the different options available in your area. This can save you considerable time in research and may even save you money. Today having an internet connection is almost a necessity but that connection may not be of too much use if it is too small to accomplish what you need accomplishing. As the internet technology became more and more popular, so the speeds available started to grow with different speeds being available in different parts of the country and also different countries.

The fastest average internet speeds by country are 1 GBPS in South Korea where that speed only costs US$20 per month and the same speed in Hong Kong for slightly more at US$26 per month. These two countries are, not closely, but followed anyway by Switzerland, Falkland Islands and Sweden as the 5 countries with the fastest, average, internet speeds. Although the UK may not be in the top 5, it can offer a variety of speeds, some of which are certainly fast.

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