Looking for a Hotel in Lanzarote?

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If you are looking to go to Lanzarote in the Canary Islands, you will not have too much difficulty in finding a hotel as there are a great many of them. Lanzarote is one of the favourite holiday destinations for many tourists from northern Europe especially Germany and the UK, as are the other Spanish islands and the mainland Spain coastal resorts like Benidorm. Many of the hotels in these places though are very large as they cater to mass tourism, tourism which is designed by the travel agents in order to make the trips cheaper for the holiday makers. These travel agents book hotels in bulk and then charter aircraft to make the airfares cheaper too. Although this is a good way to organize holidays as it makes it more affordable for the tourists, it can make the holiday perhaps a little impersonal.

Lanzarote is now trying to shrug the image as only being a destination for mass tourism and is endeavoring to become more chic and eco-friendly. It does not want to turn away or become unpopular with mass tourism, only to offer vacationers another alternative, allowing them more choice. An example of how this is happening can be seen when you look up hotel boutique lanzarote as now you will find an increasing number of smaller hotels appearing, ones that still provide all that a tourist may need but with a personal touch. One hotel that recently opened is a good example of this. The La Isla y el Mar is a boutique hotel designed specifically for the more discerning tourist and so offers a personal touch rarely experienced in other Canary Islands hotels or hotels in the other mass tourism destinations in Spain and its islands.

It is hoped that Lanzarote will in future not just be known as a popular mass tourism destination but also one that is chic and eco-friendly, offering visitors a diverse choice of how to spend their days when not basking on one of the island’s beautiful sandy beaches, enjoying its pleasant all-year round climate.

Although belonging to Spain, the Canary Islands are 1000 miles away from the Iberian Peninsula, just 125 miles west of Africa’s east coast. This means that they enjoy more sunshine than even mainland Spain in the Mediterranean does and have beaches equally as good. Lanzarote is the most easterly of these islands and is perhaps the most popular with tourists and so has all the conveniences that tourists look for but, until recently it was perhaps ideal for just the tourist who visits in large groups, not offering any individual escapes or itineraries but now with these changes under way, more tourists will come as a single family group or couples come for a relaxing get away and the La Isla y el Mar can certainly cater to them with their spa that specializes in treatments designed for couples although there are plenty of choices for individual treatments as well.

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